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There is a lot of preliminary work to do before we can start operating as a collecting society. This is why we must bear the current expenses that cannot be covered by the development project support from the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. If you want to know more, please read our detailed information on the financial situation of C3S.

We need regular income. If you want to support C3S, we would be grateful for a monthly contribution. You can register on this page fur such an additional, regular support.

Your contribution is essential for us. A regular income enables us to develop C3S until it can begin to operate as a collecting society.

Of course you are free to set the amount of your monthly contribution. As a reward, you (or your company) will not only receive good Karma, but also a symbol of our gratitude: If you support us with €5 or more per month, you can make yourself visible as a financial supporter of C3S by integrating a little banner, for example on your website, your blog, or your signature in your favorite music online forum. You can link this banner to a dedicated page on our web presence and have your contribution confirmed.

Here you can see the suppport levels and the respective graphics you can implement on your website.

Have you decided to support us with a monthly contribution? Please click here:

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